Sunday, December 22, 2013

Diminishing Returns to Empty

So, the girls are finally dried up after +9 months of twice-per-day milking.  It's always interesting to see who finishes last and with the most milk, because those are the keepers.  My favorite girl, Titanium, who is also a first-freshener proved her worth and outpaced the older goats at the end of the season.  I will be building my new herd from her foundation.            
Here's a photo of the final milking.  The top 60% is pure rich cream, while the smidge at the bottom is milk.  This is the raw product we've been drinking and making into candy.  It's decadent.  My oldest child is forever complaining that her drinking milk is too fatty.  Well, we are working on a solution to that "crisis".  Since goat's milk is naturally homogenized, it takes about one week for the cream to partition in the refrigerator, which is much too long for an impatient person like myself.  With a cream separator, I can have a goat's milk cream with which to use immediately and also convert into butter.  I hope to produce and "All Goat" caramel next summer made from our whole goat's milk, goat's cream and goat's butter to offer at our farmer's market and to local customers.  We will also have several kinds of goat's milk soap for sale!!  So, I have my winter work in order and look forward to having fresh milk again.  We'll be back in the candy business for Easter next April!!  I hope to see you then.                                                                               

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