Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just in Time...

Just in time for the holidays and only during the next few weeks before the girls are dried off for the winter, we are introducing Capsand Creamery Confections, including sea salt goat's milk caramels (plain or chocolate-dipped) and chocolate fudge.  Milk produced late in lactation is especially rich and creamy, which makes for exceptional desserts.  We use the finest quality ingredients and seek local sources when available.  

These treats make wonderful gifts at dinner parties and ship well to far-flung loved ones.  We debuted at the Champlain Islands Winter Farmer's Market in South Hero, VT with promising success and will also attend the December 7 event, as a season finale.  Serving our local community, I will hand deliver within a 15 mile radius of South Hero, VT.  We do not currently ship our products.

Fresh warm caramel is amazing!

Our new products in their packages.  I hand make the recyclable boxes from cardstock paper.

These are fantastic with your morning coffee.

Traditional chocolate goat's milk fudge is available in 1/4 lb chunks


  1. This all looks so scrumptious and those chocolate dredged caramels...mmmmm mmmm (something for me to try out now)! Perfect Christmas treats. I also sell goat's milk fudge locally, in a small country store. And I agree with you on the girls' milk at this time of year, absolutely decadent, creamy rich. Have fun with it!

  2. Thanks Marci! I've noticed that while the girls' milk volume diminishes this time of year, they still put in the usual quantity of cream. The ratio of liquid milk to cream is almost equivalent. Stirring milk and sugar for two hours is great meditative time :) I had to subvert my good conscience to go from diabetes researcher to candy-maker, but these caramels are SO worth it. I'm really pleased that our goat's milk is the first ingredient. And I met a third-generation chocolatier at my first farmer's market, so I'm still feeling really good about this new business venture. I hope you sell out of your fudge for the holiday! It really does make and excellent local, unique and TASTY gift. We must remember to have fun!!

  3. Thanks, sister! I'll be mailing a box of caramels to Mom's house for Christmas. I hope they taste better than my pictures :)