Proposed Breedings for 2018 Kidding

While our breeding focus remains committed to milking ability/production, personality and correct conformation, ALL of our breedings for 2017 will also have the potential to produce blue-eyed kids.  This season, breeding will occur throughout the months of October and November for March/April kiddings. 

Doe                                                         Buck                            Due                     Price (doe/buck)
Capsand Creamery Constance         "Blue"                      3/31/18                      $350                  
Capsand Creamery Titanium           "Rocky"                   3/16/18                      $400                  
Capsand Creamery Stormcrow        "Groot"                   3/20/18                      $350                  
Capsand Creamery Andromeda         "Levi"                    3/20/18                      does reserved  
Capsand Creamery Milky Way         "Groot"                   3/18/18                       $400                  Capsand Creamery Virgo                   "Groot"                  3/18/18                        $300                 
Capsand Creamery Lynx                    "Groot"                  3/19/18                        $300                       
Capsand Creamery Tucana               "Groot"                   3/21/18                        $300                      

If you are interested in reserving a kid(s) from any particular breeding, please email me  While I make no guarantee that we can meet certain requests, I will work with you to accommodate your needs. 

solid red gold
Broken buckskin with blue eyes

Capsand Creamery Constance
Capsand Creamery Into the Blue

Constance is our gentle herd queen.  She has great depth and her healthy appetite keeps the milk pail full.  Her dairy skin is soft, with large orifices and long teats, she's a dream to milk.  Capsand Creamery Into the Blue is a NC PromisedLand Ram-Beau *S grandson, who also has a wonderful temperament and beautiful markings.  This is another repeat breeding that has been superb over the years.  As our most mature doe, we are hoping this lovely lady has a few more seasons left with us.

flashy black and white with frosting and blue eyes

Capsand Creamery Titanium

Snowy Ledge Rocky Bal-Beau-A

Titanium is our flashy girl!  With a matching spunky personality and friendly interest in her human's day, she's a barn favorite.  Her pairing with Rocky has rewarded us with several awesome does, who've all been retained, and a few great bucks (1 retained).  This season, however, they will all be available!  She's only ever thrown twins or a singlet, so get your reservations in early!

Dark buckskin with heavy moonspotting

Light buckskin with frosting and blue eyes 

Capsand Creamery Stormcrow
FeatherNScale Groot

Stormcrow's udder is symmetrical with great structure and attachments, buttery soft with great let-down.  She's a larger doe with great dairy depth and the sweetest temperament of the entire herd.  Her dam, Titanium, will be paired again with her sire, Rocky Bal-Beau-A, for another chance to produce a doe like Stormcrow.   FeatherNScale Groot is our newest buck from Maine!  He's a sweetheart, with stunning moonspots and exciting dairy genetics.  Thank you, Clarissa and Wes!

Red gold with blue eyes

Black and white buckskin with brown accents

Capsand Creamery Andromeda 

Sweet Land Levi

"Andi" has incredible depth and has been excellent while milking through for two full seasons and consistently outproducing the others.  She would've kept going, but I want more of her kids!  She's solid with a fantastic pedigree, great personality and excellent conformation.  Her doelings will be retained this season.  However, her 2016 doeling Milky Way is bred with all resulting kids available!

White with moonspots and blue eyes
Buckskin with moonspots

Capsand Creamery Milky Way

FeatherNScale Groot

Milky Way freshened as a yearling with plump and easy to express teats.  This doe is physically superior to our other yearlings, with high shoulders and a sloping topline.  She also has a great personality.  I'm so glad this doe stuck around!  We're hoping that she follows her dam with a long and strong lactation in her second season.  FeatherNScale Groot is our newest buck from Maine!  He's a sweetheart, with stunning moonspots and exciting dairy genetics.  Thank you, Clarissa and Wes!
Buckskin with moonspots

Capsand Creamery Virgo
FeatherNScale Groot

Virgo is blue-eyed, sweet and spunky, like her dam Stormcrow.  She's also vigorous with frosting and white splashes, like her grandsire Dragonfly IH Bandito Burrito *S.  This girl has great potential for her first freshening in March.

Capsand Creamery Lynx
FeatherNScale Groot

We finally have a wonderful replacement doe for our aging herd queen, Constance!  Lynx has a great appetite and calm personality, just like mom.  She'll also likely freshen with multiples, like Constance.  We're looking forward to her first udder.

Capsand Creamery Tucana
FeatherNScale Groot
Tucana is another Titanium keeper doe, with a very sweet personality.  She's also very pretty, but on the smaller side compared to her half-sisters out of Rocky.  She may be available as a milker after freshening, depending on her output as a first freshener.  This cross should produce some flashy kids!


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