Monday, March 5, 2012

Brief Kidding Update

Ostara gave us two doelings yesterday morning right after her breakfast.  One is all black and the other is black with a white star, frosted ears and a few moon spots.  We kept vigil in the barn all day, with Cordial overdue and Trillium in early labor.  Just before bedtime with my human kids, Trillium gave us a doe and buck without any assistance.  The buck is all tan with blue eyes and her doe is black and white spotted with a white star, frosted ears and blue eyes.  They are all nursing, vigorous and completely adorable.  It was 8 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, but everyone was snuggled down and safe in our neighbor's cozy barn.

Now we are watching Cordial, who is quite late and Constance, who may be early.  "We" being mostly my dedicated, compassionate and intuitive goat farm co-owner and dear friend, EM.

We will continue to update as kids are born and be posting pictures SOON.  Thanks for checking in!  

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