Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On oatmeal chocolate chip coconut cookies

As we share an after-lunch cookie.
My three-year old, "do cookies grow in the garden?"
Me, "no, only good things grow in the garden. Cookies are not one of them." The dialogue I share with my toddler is growing most insightful.
I suppose if we made our own butter, honey, grapes (for raisins) and oats, this would be easier. Chocolate, coconut, flour, and leavening are something else altogether. I shall strive to snack more locally.

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  1. I used to make oatmeal cookie bars with my boys in the 70/80's. I added wheat germ and choc. chips and we called them super cookies. Now, even in their 30's, they want Mom to send them super cookies for their birthdays. Enjoy your time with your children making cookies etc. They grow up way too fast.