Monday, January 17, 2011

Catching some sun on the coldest day of the year, so far

We were at -10 degrees F this morning, but this afternoon's sun brought everyone outside to warm up. During the fall, these goats build a layer of fine wool under their hair, and on the coldest days they fluff it all out giving them several inches of insulation.
so dignified...

I thought getting my toddler to hold still for a photo was difficult, but these girls are impossible

"Give us a kiss!" Our boy is already looking forward to next fall.

These girls are our entertainment in the dark long days of winter. Their personalities come through well in these photos. Cordial is always saying, "I'm beautiful, how was that shot?".

It's too tempting not to add dialogue to these photos. Ostara (left) and Trillium (right) are number 1 and 2 in the herd and they go at each other on a regular basis. Here they are sulking. Cordial (bottom left) is trying to get in the picture. Constance (middle) couldn't care less, as usual.

Ostara and Trillium are sparring here. Just in case anyone forget who was number one.

Glory Days is looking more like Elvis. He is such a charmer with the hair to match his personality.

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