Monday, August 19, 2013

New Digs

girl and her kid

synchronized peeing
We are beginning to get comfortable at our new location.  I think the goats would agree.  While the barn is still unfinished, due a hay loft and windows, here are a few pictures of their new digs.
goat barn on approach through the cherry trees

still missing a window...plenty of light

working girls mowing the lawn

lazy boys enjoying their hay

milking area

girls enjoying their side of the feeder

mom and kid mixing in the common area
creep eating/sleeping area for KIDS ONLY
As an indulgent postscript, my husband and I built this entirely ourselves with one good ladder.  We raised hand-made trusses over our heads until one of us was steady enough to screw in the metal hurricane ties.  It was a humble, yet heroic event that the neighbors commented looked like an Amish barn raising without the community.  In retrospect, it was all quite careless by OSHA standards and I don't think that I would do it again.  I truly hope the need will never arise.


  1. I enjoyed your update and pictures. It looks like a great, well-planned new place for everyone, goats and humans both!

  2. Thanks M! We don't have the woods and brambles anymore, but they haven't been bothered by mosquitoes or deer fly. It's a trade-off. I'll need to keep a close eye on parasites now that they are grazing. The move's been good for everyone, though. Hope all is well with you and your girls.