Monday, May 28, 2012

More testosterone

Our new weaned piglets are growing fast!  This is a shared project with the neighbors.  So their pig is named Anthony (black spots) and ours is Butterscotch for his brown shoulders.  They are eating apple pumice, commercial pig food softened with whey, brewers grain, and whatever vegetable scraps I can produce from the garden.  My daughters are urged not to clean their plates, since any leftovers go to you-know-who.  They are very friendly, personable and smart.  No escapes to report, but I'm sure one is imminent.

These two little boars, in addition to our three buck goats are helping to even out the hormonal imbalance of the farm.  My husband was feeling severely outnumbered by our lactating goats and laying chickens. 

Our 15 Guineas are beginning to free-range on tick patrol.  It's difficult not to worry constantly about their well-being and commitment to return to the coop in the evening.  These birds are definitely not like chickens.  When they are old enough, I will attempt to sex them and report back on the fluctuating ratio of testosterone to estrogen.       

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