Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You Grow Girls

Our keepers from this season, tail-to-tail, Xenon and Titanium.  Xenon (left) is out of our most productive milker, Constance.  She's only 5 weeks old but I can already tell she has a nice wide stance in the back, which is an improvement on her dam.  We are hoping sire Bandito also gives her tighter udder attachment.  She's an absolute doll, with flashy markings and a quiet but affectionate personality.

Titanium (right) is a huge long-legged blue-eyed doe who is putting on weight very quickly and looks most like her granddam, Willow Moon Farm Baba Yaga.  Her dam's udder is lovely in my opinion, so we are hoping her sire's genetics adds greater milk capacity from the prolific ARMCH Twin Creeks MB Stellaluna.  Titanium is extremely vigorous when it comes to eating and subdued and sweet in her personality.  I cannot wait to see who she grows up to be.

I'm also wishing we had retained Cadmium (center).  Her dam, Cordial, has a gorgeous udder with great attachments AND capacity.  Cad' is shaping up into a very nice little doe, who will be going home to her new owner soon.  We will be keeping a doe from Cordial next season, if she is so inclined to bestow us with one.  I'm already looking forward to our next kidding!  Holy cr*p!!

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