Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do Not Disturb

How can you resist this face?  Glory Days is the energetic, always enthusiastic charmer.  Bandito is older and knows how to take his time with the ladies.  Breeding season is upon us here at Capsand Creamery and I'm learning all about goat psychology.  The does are too hilarious in their pronounced mood swings from rapid flight out of heat to their participation in loving when their hormones turn against them.  They are all quite individualistic and our second year breeders are beginning to divulge their personalities.  I'd feel crude to share anymore details.

It's all great fun for the goats and quite natural, if you consider herd mentality and perpetuation of the species in vivo.  Some of my colleagues are disturbed by the whole process of breeding animals, forcing them to endure a pregnancy and birth, just so we can have milk and cheese.  It's as if they may find a "professional life", doing roadside maintenance or fair displays more rewarding.  I can say, by observation, that goats know how to enjoy life, including the process that brings about new life.  They also mourn their fallen brethren.  We could stand to learn from them, I would imagine, if only someone could speak Goat.  They are teaching me...slowly.

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