Friday, March 25, 2011

Random pics from this week!

We have Amazon blue-eyed doe (back), who is so young she hasn't learned to bottle feed paired with mini-me (front), the kick-ass little lady who is inspiring me with her strength. I can't believe the size difference, which is so hard to capture with a camera. I could spend all day out there with them, but I have my own kids who need attention.

We've made our first batch of cheese! It's a white mold-ripened aged (3 weeks) cheese, comparable to camembert, called St-Maure. It's ready to go in our cheese cave, ie. dorm fridge with daily flipping for three weeks. Then I'll wrap it in some special paper and keep it in the fridge until sampling day. I'm not a patient person, so this will test my resolve not to eat it immediately.

Milking four does twice a day is taking up all my free time, but they are the best ladies I could ask for. No bad behavior on the stand to report from the first fresheners...there's just one that needs help to get on the milking stand, then she's like a statue to be milked. I'm so glad it is Friday!

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