Thursday, February 10, 2011

Garden Treats

If you have kids or you just have a hard time eating your veggies, these are some of my 3 yr-old's favorites that you might consider growing;
  • Soybeans (edamame)...our first try last year yielded a delicious snack to shell and eat right in the garden. While they are buttery and delicious fresh, if you collect a few more than you need right away, they freeze beautifully and were a big hit that we will repeat next season. Our biggest problem was keeping the chipmunks from taking them all.
  • Husk (or ground) cherries...close relative of the tomatillo, they are happy to volunteer around the garden, after you've grown them once. These plants are hardy and low growing (no staking). The fruit develops inside a papery lantern, which means they are always clean while giving children the joy of unwrapping a sweet delicious and healthful treat. We freeze these like any berry. My daughter loves them frozen, but I've heard they can be made into pies, if you have any left.
  • Carrots and parsnips are a carefree and staple snack. They also give us a reliable long-term storage veg to enjoy during the winter in soups and slaws.

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